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Registration is now open

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Hi there! Join us Jan 18th - 20th for GenNow Dallas Conference, we have 4 options for tickets, please read the options carefully. 
Early Bird Expires Nov 1st

Additionally, we have curated a list of hotels for you and posted location and schedule, a long with the list of speakers. Please go to the submenu under conference to carefully read all the info. The underlined words in this paragraph are quick links to access all that.

Quick Reminder: we do not offer childcare, and we strongly suggest that only children 12 and older be brought with you, keep in mind that they do take up a seat, so their seating will have to be paid for, Please reach out if you have any questions, at this point we are not offering any youth tickets, but closer to the conference that may be an option. 

Focus of this Conference

The focus of the conference will be

Ad Infinitum: Mobilizing an Immortal Age.


We are making room for the vastness of God and His governance over the realm of time, to see His life unlocked in our lives in the measure of His potential.

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