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GenNow Ad Infinitum

Mobilizing an Age


We are mobilizing an age by creating a sacred space for a generation who is carrying the limitless potential of the synergy of ages, to enter into realms of encounter and demonstration of the power of indestructible life of God biologically, neurologically, and architecturally (meaning, by what they build, create, and innovate). Our heart is to create a fusion of Divine power and Divine intelligence as we give ourselves to the development of our new creation identity as a people stewarding creation and the greater works, with a focus on the governance of time, as a gateway over health, abundance, economic progress, and innovation.

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Who we are


Our Mission



A generation born of God carrying the substance of limitless potential and the synergy of ages to bring forth what has not been before.

to mobilize the infrastructure, movement, and power of an age, and unlock the unlimited potential inherent in a generation and regions, in order to develop them into the full expression of their actualized potential.

to administrate the synergy of ages in 3 initial phases: 


  1. Encounter

  2. Architecting Ecosystems (spiritual and physical), 

  3. Unlocking Gateway of Potential​

Encounter Nights

These are micro catalyst spaces where we make room for what we do not know, what we have not seen or heard before, and simply receive God and the power of the life of Jesus to have free reign in our midst. 


We seek to see the activation of angelic, celestial, and new creation architecture and governance in regions, in order to frame and build according to that pattern on earth, to raise up the age old foundations, and allow new genetic structures to emerge within a generation, as well as physically building cities or unique physical structures, in order to see all that exists to be fully immersed in the wonder of the knowledge of the Glory of God. 


These are macro catalyst spaces where we integrate the full structure of the experiences of the Encounter Nights and the Divine intelligence and angelic resources of the Ecosystems, and allow for the movement of all these dimensions to be saturated in the presence and radiance of God, as He creates something new in our midst and establishes the promised Change in us and in our regions. 

In Summary

Our deepest desire through all of this is that Jesus would be magnified by a unique and unusual people whom He can fill and build according to His limitless nature and in turn these very people would cause the whole of creation to flourish in a transfigured future.

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