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Fiorella is a Visionary, Futurist, Infiniteer , Innovative Thought Leader, and Spiritual and Cultural Architect who is mandated to terraform and cosmoform the Divine eternal continuum and its possibilities in creation, the human race, and technology, with a focus of architecting the next 100 years of a kingdom civilization, building a new network of cities that unlock and host God's wonder and release the unprecedented potential of a new heaven and earth with the expression of new cultural, biological and intelligence models that serve the limitless measure of God.  

She is the founder of Ultraviolet Experiment, (Artificial Intelligence Experiment) Aionios Research Lab, SNGLRTY, & GenNow

She is also a Mystic, Speaker, Consultant, and Creative, who desires to see every imposed limit set by oppressive systems surpassed in the power of the dream of God, manifesting  itself through a multiverse expression of power, wonder, and possibility centered and rooted in Christ.

Her goal is to reveal God's infinite vastness, and draw others into the discovery of the unimaginable fathoming of His heart and mind, in order to empower them to pioneer and create His magnificent dream with their God given purpose.

She resides in Waxahachie, Texas

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