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Here is our event calendar for the rest of 2023 and into January 2024. Locations for events vary, some are in the Dallas Metroplex others Online. Registration for the 9/22 event and GenNow Dallas Conference are currently open. Click link. 


All events are open to the public except for those marked "Invite Only"

9/22/23 GenNow Encounter Night: Midlothian TX: Midlothian Civic Center

9/23/23 GenNow Eco Summit: Waxahachie TX- Invite only 

10/11/23 GenNow Online Gathering: Zoom Webinar 

11/17/23 GenNow Encounter Night: Midloathian TX: Midlothian Civic Center

11/18/23 GenNow Eco Summit: Waxhachie TX: Invite Only

12/6/23 GenNow Online Gathering: Zoom Webinar

1/18-20th, 2024 GenNow Dallas Conference: Ad Infinitum: Kaufman TX

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